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        Launched to the public on October 1st, 2014: Break The Stigma is an advocacy and educational outreach organization dedicated to eliminating the stigma associated with mental health disorders (formerly mental illness). We provide pertinent, information to patients (aka consumers) and their families on the this misunderstood health category. As well as Interviews and Forum discussions that describe viewpoints you may never see anywhere else. You may find this content either raw, helpful, offensive, blasphemous, or even comical at times. The reason we decided to include these viewpoints, although sometimes hard to read, is that like mental health disorders every single story varies. Some have happy endings and some not so much. We hope that you understand mental illness is something some can't escape and as a member of society neither can you. However, with everything we have provided on this site we hope you will understand a little more than you already do and we hope you may benefit from this information. Whether coping with the illness, a loved one, or a complete stranger, and most importantly: breaking the stigma we have with the number one problem in the world...ignorance.

       Our mission is to encourage people to develop and express their opinions and feelings in a supportive environment while counteracting stereotypes, discrimination, and negative attitudes associated with brain disorders. In doing so, we hope to encourage more people to seek the help they need. With your help, we can continue to develop such a place. Our job is to break the stigma through advocacy, factual information, and services. We are working on canceling the underlining fear of not being able to cope with the mentally suffering and those they affect (as well as fighting stereotypes with facts and experience). The problematic stigma is commonly found in television, film, print, and other media where people with mental health disorders are given negative labels such as “crazy”, “psycho”, “lunatic”, and “cuckoo”. These things cannot be avoided but with your help, we can spread awareness and help that we hope your words can reach farther than a Hollywood blockbuster. There is hope that things will get better and that is where change evolves. Currently, about two-thirds of people with diagnosable brain disorders refuse to seek treatment to ease their suffering. In most cases, this is because they fear being thought of as weak, socially unacceptable, or “crazy.” These are the stigmas we most need to break.


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