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Family Member Interview

What diagnoses has your daughter been given?

Down Syndrome.

Is it difficult raising a child with a disability?

Not difficult, just time consuming.

Has there been issues with stigma? If so, how have you and your daughter learn to overcome it?

Yes, ignorant people think that she will never learn or live a productive life. We overcome it by constantly proving them wrong.

What are some tips you can give new parents that have a child with a disability?

Don't give up on your child you know what's best for your child and they will constantly show you how amazing they are.

What have you done to ensure your child has a fulfilling life?

Advocate for her by opening up doors to be taught just like typical people and be accepted by typical people in this world outside of school there is no place called special ed.

What would you have liked to know when you found out your child had a disability?

I would have liked to know all the challenges I was going to have to deal with.

What do you want people to know about mental illness that they may not already know?

It is treatable and anyone with a mental illness wants to be given a chance in life just like everyone else.

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