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Evan's Story

Evan contacted us at BTS about his story and wanting to share it with the world, we agreed. Below is a summary of his experiences and then a couple questions we asked him. Enjoy! My name is Evan Reiter and my story is what made the person I am today. at the age of 4 I received a diagnosis that would bring up and down to the present day. I was told I had Tourette’s syndrome which would make me tics uncontrollably and I would say things I wouldn’t normally say. From the ages of 5-11, I was called every name in the book and I was put in so many different medications that one day I told my mom why am I a prisoner in my own body? It is then where I had to switch schools. At the age of 14 I was still the same but worse that’s when I was very manic and my mental illness started to take over. My teachers didn’t know what to do with me and they passed me even though I didn’t deserve it. Then after high school, I slipped into a deep depression where I was almost bedridden and I felt so hopeless. It was at the age the age of 19 when I hit rock bottom and those 4 months In such unit really taught me what I really need to do to be successful. I told myself I didn’t want to fall through the cracks and I was going to work as hard I can to be a success story. I was then sent to two group homes where I was assaulted and almost killed. I finally got my freedom when I moved into An apartment and that’s when my journey to finding happiness began. All throughout this, I was making friends that I never expected is that I had no friends in high school. I was invited to join a youth movement such as youth power which took me in and is the village that helped in more ways than I can thank them. I also found my higher power which has kept me strong and very faithful. I always tell people you have to keep the faith and when life has given us many challenges you have to be hopeful that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. I recently finished a book and my goal one day is to be a motivational speaker to break all stigma and to let people know it’s ok to share your story. We are all fighting this mission together and that no one is alone. I have tried to speak at schools but was always turned down. I just want to inspire people so that they don’t have to go through what I went through. I hope you find this story enlightening. Mental illness affects so many people and I think if we all take the time and effort to care for one another we can change so many lives.

BTS: Do you find medication and therapy are good for recovering from a mental health crisis?

I found that only one medication helped and I feel medication is thought to be a cure all but it’s not.

BS: Are you currently working?

I am actually a peer specialist and I am in school for psychology.

BTS: What are your diagnoses?

My diagnoses are Tourette’s adhd and bipolar.

BTS: What topics would you cover when speaking to kids about mental illness? What I would discuss with them is that no matter what Names they are called and even if no one believes in them they cannot give the key to their happiness to anyone else. I believe that if mental health is discussed more and people are aware of it we can change so many lives.

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