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Social Worker Interview

What is your profession?

-Social worker running a supportive housing facility with diverse populations

What do you wish people knew about those with mental health disorders?

-Mental health disorders does not mean someone needs medications or to be locked in a hospital

What is the toughest part(s) of your job?

-Toughest part is allowing people to navigate their own life using self-determination even if sometimes that

means putting their own health at risk....where is the line with self-determination and stepping in to help.

Do you think those with mental health disorders are dangerous?

- Nope. Not as any more dangerous as someone without a psychiatric disorder.

What are some of the ways you’ve seen your clients maintain their recovery? Medication, therapy, etc.

-Medications (legal and illegal), therapy, nothing at all, yoga, the arts

Do any of your clients experience a difficulty with the stigma of a mental health condition?

- Yes and some chose not to look for services because of this. Others feel threatened to state their real feelings because of the possible consequences. Some will chose to say they do not have one because they are scared of what they will lose (job, family, friends, church, etc.)

What do you want people to know about your job?

-Psychiatric disabilities are real and people should not be judge solely based on this. People can have a psychiatric disability and still go on to live a life as someone who does not and maintain a job. That they are not all on benefits because they are lazy but some have no choice.

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